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Occultism, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Santeria, Self-help, Hermeticism

Occultism, Hermeticism, Esotericism, Chaos Magick, Santeria, Quimbanda

Hermeticism, Chaos Magick, Magick, Witchcraft, Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Quimbanda

Occult book reviews, book suggestions, occultism, Hermeticism, vampyre magick, egyptian magick

Chaos Magick, egyptian magick, gypsy magic, Santeria, Quimbanda, Palo Mayombe, witchcraft

Friday, April 28, 2023

Quimbanda Grimoire - Sigils, Spells and Rituals with Eshus


quimbanda grimoire










Grimoire entirely dedicated to the Afro-Brazilian Quimbanda.
There are 143 pages of powerful content, including descriptions of the Kingdoms and phalanges of Quimbanda, the Chief Eshús and Pombagiras from each Realm.
How to activate the sigils (points).
There are scratched points (magickal sigils) of these entities, sung points (hymns), various spells for protection, and love bindings.
Strong spells in graveyards.
Glossary of terms, a powerful gunpowder spell for spiritual cleansing or disobsession.
Translation and explanation of the meaning of the names of Eshús. It's the real Quimbanda with Nagô origins, not the fake westernized Quimbanda mixed with Jewish Goetia.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sculptures of Thought


sculptures of thought -Silvio Guerrinha









Spiritual poetry and metaphysics, as well as drawings and esoteric illustrations. Spiritually channeled messages, quantum physics, cosmotheism, spiritism, love, alchemy, esotericism, hermeticism, and many more, 100 pages. Paperback and eBook.

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Vampyros Magicae- Real vampyre Magick. Asamod


vampyros magicae- asamod ka








"Vampyros Magicae- Real vampyre Magick". Asamod Ka.

Another great book from Asamod.
This one focused on energy vampyrism.
Vampyre magick based on ancient Sumerian and Kemetic rituals, energy manipulation, remote influence, dreamwalking, incorporating entities, tulpas, and servitors. Magnetic personality, laws of magnetic influence, awakening of occult powers (siddhis). Non-sanguine vampirism. Many rituals, 176 pages.

Magickal and ritualistic vampyrism, energetic vampyrism, remote influence, and the 3 essential conditions, laws of magnetism, and magnetic personality.
Exclusive system of Dark Reiki (Dark Reiki and dark photons). Create elemental entities and servitors. Magnetic ankh.
Coffin ritual as in ancient Egypt (and Freemasonry): the soul presents itself to Osiris.
Dreamwalking: entering someone’s dreams, becoming an incubus or succubus. Sending nightmares and curses to enemies (Egyptian witchcraft).
Summon Sekhm energy. A glossary of terms.
Develop psychic vision and night vision. Sensory exercises, scrying. Psychic defense, shielding.

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Energy Magick of the Vampyre. Don Webb










"Energy Magick of the Vampyre: Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation". Don Webb

Great book with 358 pages. It explains how a vampyre is not a blood-sucking mythical figure but a shaman who is skilled in gathering, using, and storing energy for magical power and personal liberation. Reveals how to gather and store energy from the world around you and shares magical techniques, manifestation methods, and practices to utilize the energy you have collected. Looks at servitors and familiars, vampyric runes, dream architecture, money magick practices, and sex magick techniques as well as advanced practices such as healing with vampyric magick.

Don Webb is an american writer about the occult, he is also a former High Priest of the Temple of Set.  


Vrajitoare- Gypsy Magick. Asamod ka


gypsy magick- asamod ka








"Vrăjitoare- Gypsy Magick". Asamod Ka

Over 160 authentic Romani spells are contained in 162 pages. Groups of gypsy spirits with instructions on how to invoke them for various purposes, including love, wealth, protection, clairvoyance, and offerings.
There is 160 real gypsy spells for love, protection, defense against witchcraft, sex, scrying, job, health, well-being.
Gypsy amulets and gypsy astrology (signs), two methods of divination (dukkering).
How to set up a gypsy magic altar, among other things.
Vrăjitoare is an old Romani word for: witch.

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kassapu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire- Asamod ka


kassapu sumerian magick








 "kaššāpu- Sumerian Magick Grimoire". Asamod Ka

kaššāpu means sorcerer, in ancient Akkadian.
Finding grimoires on authentic Sumerian magick is difficult because most of them include the same recycled material from works like Lovecraft's egregories and the "Necronomicon."
This one is based on authentic Sumerian rites and includes mesopotamian/akkadian invocations and rituals for banishment.
Rituals with Enki, Šamaš, Lilitu, Tiamat, Nergal, and Pazuzu, their correspondences and offerings.
Invocations and hymns to the gods Anuna (Anunnaki).
The difference between exorcism and countermagic rites: Maqlû, Šurpu and Namburbû.
In addition to the theoretical part, I present practical indications.
How to make your own "Shen" (šn) ring like that of the goddess Ishtar, Marduk and other deities.
Beautiful illustrations inside.
Invocations in Akkadian and Assyro-Babylonian (for magickal and vibrational power) with appropriate translation.
Protection rituals with the deity Enki (EA), the sun god Šamaš, and others.
Voodoo-like spells in which a clay figurine (Ṣalmu) is made.
How to prepare the magick altar (guhšu), offerings, incense, seals and correspondence of each deity.
Mesopotamian zodiac signs.
Invocation to the 4 cardinal points, trace the magic circle Zisurrû as the Sumerians did.
Magickal consecration of salt in Sumerian. Marduk's secret name.
Black rituals of Irkalla (the underworld) and invocation of seven demons (Maškim).
Various black magick rituals with Pazuzu, Lilikae, Lamashtu, Tiamat, and Nergal.
Hex your enemies.
Glossary with Sumerian/Akkadian words.
Become an ašipu (sorcerer), immerse yourself in the magickal mysteries of Mesopotamia and Pagan reconstructionism.
Tune in and commune with the cosmic energies of the Anunnaki, ancestral rituals, powerful spells.

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Spirituality before Religions - Kaba Hiawatha Kamene


spirituality before religions- prof Kamene








"Spirituality before Religions" . Prof. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

This is another great book about Kemetic spirituality, by Prof. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (founder of “Per Ankh” Mystery school).
Laws of cosmic spirituality, African spirituality, knowledge of the self.
Spirituality before Religions is a book for people who are interested in the earliest formations of spiritual thought and practice by humans. It takes you on a linear journey through the scientific and theological beginnings of the universe, to the creation of Earth and life on this magical planet.
This is an extremely well written book with 304 pages.

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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Holographic Reality -Do we Live in a Simulation

holographic reality- silvio guerrinha








 "Holographic Reality -Do we Live in a Simulation?"- Silvio Guerrinha

This book raises big questions. Are you a fan of the Matrix?
 The book deals in-depth with the Simulation Hypothesis (Universe and holographic reality), mentions numerous sources of scientific studies, involving everything in continuous and philosophical writing. The result of eight years' work.
It has, of course, references to the Matrix trilogy and Hinduism, quantum physics, gnosis, and interesting things about the human mind and brain (studies), the eight brain circuits.
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and Neuralink, the real Matrix is coming.
How the subconscious mind works, glossary of terms, future of virtual reality technologies, mind upload, digital immortality, cyber consciousness and transhumanism, the future of humanity, among others.
The difference between subjective reality, Omega reality, Alpha reality and virtual reality.
Is free will a collective illusion?
The Blue Brain Project discovered multidimensional geometric spaces in brain networks; the brain processes information up to 11 dimensions.
Arguments are based on research and credible sources such as Scientific American, Nature Science, IFL Science, Neuroscience News, Journal of Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics.
If we live in a simulation, what is the purpose of this simulation? Who created it?
Information is power. A clear understanding of the reality in which we live is very important; to transcend illusion (Māya) is to become an awakened, a living god (Ishvara). 

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Enochian Magic for Beginners


enochian magic









Enochian Magic for Beginners: The Original System of Angel Magic (For Beginners). Donald Tyson.

Make no mistake―this is not a superficial treatment of Enochian magic. Yes, it is written for beginners, but it is also a vital and important resource for those who are currently practicing the Enochian system. In Enochian Magic for Beginners, you will learn the secrets of the Heptarchia Mystica, including such things as the Angelic seven rulers, the preparations for practice of the system, and how to perform the ritual of the system.
Also included are two new designs for Enochian typefaces, Donald Tyson's reconstruction of the Enochian Book of Spirits, and much more.
If you have found that your magic has not been as successful as you would like, this is the book you need to start a new page in your magical career. If you want to learn about the Enochian system, this book is the best introduction to it to date. And if you are already practicing Enochian magic, you will find this book to be a valuable resource. Book with 416 pages.

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Black Magick Rituals - Asamod ka


black magic rituals









 "Black Magick Rituals". Asamod Ka

A compendium of over a hundred dark spells from various black magick systems (Candomblé, Quimbanda, Santería, Palo Mayombe, Satanism, Voodoo), and others.
In addition to the spells, the book contains detailed step-by-step instructions, safety precautions (amulets, spiritual baths, invoking your personal Eshú, banishing enemies, prayers), and several photos exemplifying types and formats of candles.
Step-by-step photos of making modern-day voodoo dolls (with cloth or modeling clay).
Spell with wax heads (example photos) to manipulate someone.
Spells with dolls, used in the systems of Haitian voodoo, Cuban santería, and gypsy magick.
Rare rituals that you will hardly find in other books available to the public. I am referring to rituals to send your enemies to the coffin.
Powerful love binding spells, hexes, separating two people, turning the person's head.
Sung points and invocations of various Eshús.
Spells with Santa Muerte (Mexican magick) to bind or destroy enemies.
Recipes for making voodoo powders and spells with the opponent's footprints (foot-track magick).
The spell Touch of Lucifer's Hand. How to break your rivals' spells.
In short, a compendium with spells from Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Africa, Venezuela, Colombia, Egypt, and others.
Unpublished tips that you won't find in other books, for example:
How to analyze your enemy's astral map and choose the best phase to attack with witchcraft. Book with 222 pages.

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Liber Kaos - Peter J. Carroll


Liber Kaos- Peter Carroll










"Liber Kaos". Peter J. Carroll

A complete, advanced magical training course for the individual or for groups, with details of the author's magical order, an outline for setting up a temple, and instructions for carrying out the essential rituals of Chaos Magic. Includes a fresh look at aeonics, cosmogenesis, auric magic, and shadow time, as well as discloses the technical aspects of spells and equations. Illustrated. Appendices. References.
Peter James Carroll (born 8 January 1953) is an English occultist, writer, and physics graduate. He is one of the originators of chaos magick and co-founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros.

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Remote Seer: Ultimate guide to Remote Viewing. Silvio G


Remote seer- Remote viewing -Silvio









"Remote Seer: Ultimate guide to Remote Viewing". Silvio Guerrinha

A remote viewing book unlike the others.
The author has experience in the subject, five years of research and preparation of the book.
Explanation, according to quantum physics, of how telepathy works.
Psychic defense techniques against remote influence.
Remote viewing sheets for the reader to do.

The essential guide to learn Remote Viewing and to develop psychic abilities.
For readers that are new to remote viewing and wish to learn without going to a lot of fuss.
CIA Gateway Process, military protocols and official documents inside.
Develop and extend your psychic abilities. Scrying, conscious projection, visualization, psi exercises.
Different types of remote viewers, mindsets and energy access points.
Opening the bridge from your subconscious to your conscious mind.
The function of the various brain waves.
How to effectively use your whole brain. Accessing Akashic. Quantum cognition.
Your consciousness picks up information from the photons and electrons of the future moment. Simultaneous time, past, present and future exist simultaneously, and other quantum physics concepts.
Remote influencing. Glossary of terms, images, easy to read language.
Defend yourself from remote influence.
In the last few pages, you will find amazing declassified documents on psi phenomena (digitally enhanced by the author), brain function, and telepathic communication.

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